Neem U Sitplek — Antique Yellowwood

R 4,000

A design embracing form and harmony. 

From the deep appreciation of antique furniture, this design is a combination of details I have come to know well with my time spend with the ‘grandmothers’ of bench seating.

The bench is made out of solid timber with added support below. The cane is then stretched and fitted by hand for its unique look.

PLEASE NOTE — if the floor aren’t perfectly levelled, the furniture piece will be unstable and off balance.

1800 (w) x 400 (d) x 830mm (h)



1 leg is loose. Courier did not handle with care.

One truck will be organized by NM Design to deliver all goods sold for the Western Cape area, date of delivery and cost will be sent separately after your order.

If the above will not suit your needs, wrapping + courier will have to be organized by yourself from Esperance Farm, Breede Valley.

No return policy and no warranties. Take it as it is.

All prices excl. wrapping & courier ( a separate invoice will be sent once your order has been placed )

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