Wood is a natural material and it loves to breathe.
The winter and summer days will have an effect on the wood as it will shrink / expand.
Please take into consideration where you place the furniture. For example, close to water / damp or if you are situated close to the sea, it will have an effect on the natural expansion of the wood
No detergents to be used on the wood please.
Wooden products can be treated with Rubio Monocoat or Woodoc Wax.
Please view the details on their website here for further guidance on cleaning / stains and maintenance care
The seat cushion consists of foam with unicurl and batting wrapped all round.
The back cushion(s) consists of unicurl inners.
The 100% cotton, hand dyed  fabric (that is pre-washed) cushions are stitched with a saddle stitch all round with a zip at the back / bottom.
Please note, the fabric will fade when in contact with direct sunlight. Indoor use only. Outdoor fabric / custom can be specified. Please e-mail for details.
All of the materials are 100% cotton and very hard wearing.
Please use normal detergent and wash (40deg.) with Stay Soft.
The fabric embraces Stay Soft!
Do tumble dry, as it will keep the ‘washed look’. 
Ironing is not recommended.
Exposure to sun will let the fabric fade as it is hand dyed.
If you do get spills, make use of ‘Ouma Hanna se Boerseep’ and rub on the spills. Let it rest for an hour or so and then wash.
Please email if you would like to order a bar of Boerseep.
The clay is not glazed, therefore please take care of the lights as per instructions below:
Please NO detergents
A duster and damp cloth will do the trick to keep them clean and not to harm them.
The lights are very fragile, please handle with care.
It’s fragile but yet durable to handle heat as it’s baked at a temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius.