The current lead time is 4 weeks (natural oak) and +- 6 weeks (yellowwood).
For steel furniture 3-7 working days.
Our yellowwood comes from Knysna and it does take longer to arrive in Worcester.
They do not keep a lot of stock and supply as the demand flows. We order the wood as needed. They can only confirm the lead time once the wood is ordered.  
Sometimes the wood is still in the oven, busy drying and we have to patiently wait with our clients. Your patience and understanding will all be worth it.
The current lead time is +- 4 weeks
The lead time will depend on the size of the order (the kilns can only take a specific amount of lights) and also the weather.
The natural drying process does take a lot longer on cold days than in summer. Please take into consideration that we cannot speed up the natural drying process and the time it takes to dry in the kilns.
The potters really does make the lights as quick as possible, but the material is clay and it is natural and it does have the natural process it needs to follow that we do not have control over.
It is art to make these lights and it’s all handmade, thus patience is key.