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As an interior designer, Nelia Naude, the creative brain behind NM Design,
leans toward simplistic design expressed in a neutral palette while playing with texture and details to create uniqueness. Simply put, Nelia finds beauty in simplicity. Furthermore, she believes that simplicity in design embraces open spaces and that open spaces give you a moment to pause – and breathe – to appreciate the beauty in the details.

Despite a deep appreciation for the heritage of historical architecture
and the intricacies of antique furniture, Nelia’s portfolio embodies simplicity. She believes in beautiful joinery and honest craftsmanship that express a belief in quality and timelessness above trends. By combining the new with the old – contemporary with classical – Nelia guides her clients to discover their own look and feel, within NM Design’s established, underlying minimalistic, and timeless approach.

NM Design, Interior Design


Nelia lives on a working family farm in Overhex, Worcester, with her husband, Paul, and their two kids, Jeanne and Jacques. Due to Nelia’s season of life, NM Design primarily focuses on offering a design consultation service and a bespoke "create your own light" collection. As a designer, wife, and mother, Nelia currently concentrates on these two niche offerings to uphold important work-life boundaries and fully embrace the balancing act required to fulfil all her roles.