The ceramic lampshades are carefully made by hand with each batch of clay that has its own unique colour variations. It takes time, skill and effort for the potters to mould each shade.
It follows a natural drying process, which is dependent on the weather, therefore taking longer in the cold winter days than in summer. When it’s fired in the kiln on the specific temperature, it takes time to cool before the kiln can be opened. When it’s too hot and the kiln opens, it will break into pieces.
The lead time is therefore only an indication as we cannot predict the drying time and also the time it will need in the kiln beforehand. It’s an art to make each shade.
Lead time : 4-6 weeks


The measurements and shape are an indication only. No two shapes will be exactly the same and measurements will differ from the measurements given.
Each pendant follows the natural drying process and therefore form its own unique shape. No moulds are used, only the potters hands. It will therefore shrink when drying and also in the kiln. We do not have control over the natural process. This is the beauty of handcrafted details!


Each lamp shade includes a 1.5m black cord with a bayonet light fitting. 60 Watt Max, + - 220/230 Volts. Suggested bulb to use:  Eurolux, 42w, Halogen saver. Any bulb can be used according to the specific preferred light source of the area needed ie. Warm / cool light.
PLEASE NOTE for Pendant 07, 09, 010 and 016 a smaller version will have to be used if you do not want to see the bulb.